Are you looking for relevant information on Chinese production? Well hopefully the following introduction will give you the assistance that you require.

China has by far the worlds largest population with over 1.3 billion people. It produces a wide and varied selection of products to various parts of the world and continues to be an emerging economy due to the demands of their own people and other countries who wish to do business and we play a part in making your business journey more enjoyable.

We are a family business who have been trading for over 40 years and one of our main concerns is in helping companies who produce goods made in China, get the word out there and to maximize their sales potential.

Setting up a business in China can be appealing with the costs being quite low and relative to other countries. Our TOF AND COMPANY team are a closely knit group of business professionals who specialize in getting your business and products off the ground.

We know the problems your business can encounter with the production of goods, finding reliable suppliers for raw materials, effective sourcing, Chinese business etiquette, logistics and the smooth transportation of goods in and out of China and forming good relations with both your customers and suppliers and we make it our number one priority in providing you with a smooth gateway for every business scenario.

At TOF AND COMPANY we have built up an excellent reputation over the past four decades and have a good idea of what the customer needs and wants and aim to provide you with the correct materials in order for your business to succeed in China.

Manufacturing in China is now at an all time high with consumer demand being huge for a wide and varied selection of products. We are constantly looking at new ways in which to address the continued demand for products in China and make the pathway a smooth and hassle free one for business who want to get the most from this emerging economy.

Choosing TOF AND COMPANY will not only help your business succeed in these thriving times in China, but you will get a smoother path to doing business than you anticipated and a company who can successfully find you the best suppliers, delivery companies and help you build relationships with Chinese people and other business countries around the globe.

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