…did it all start?

In 1973, Benjamin visited Hong Kong and China’s mainland for the first time and got his first chance to visit the famous Canton Fair, China’s largest trade fair with a complete product range of Chinese commodities. Canton Fair is held twice a year in the month of April and October in Guangzhou, Canton. It was then that Benjamin founded a trading and export company in China’s city of Hong Kong.

Since its foundation, a fully dedicated management team comprised of Dutch and Chinese members has been working hard to see the company grow. The business’ head quarters is based in the financial center of china’s city of Hong Kong where the business was first established.

When The People’s Republic of China came out of its political and economic quagmire in 1978, China moved towards more pragmatic policies to boost its economic and political stability and this provided a conducive environment for the business to thrive.

We opened our representative office in Guangzhou in 2004. This was a strategic move which has, since, made our inspection and production outsource operations more multi faceted. This has made us fast and punctual in our operations and what started four decades ago as a trading and export company has transformed into an import, export and consultancy enterprise.

2013 marks our 40th anniversary, and we get to celebrate one of the oldest family owned trading houses and buying offices company in the Far East.

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