Purchase Office


Being your purchase office in China.

If you have purchase departments in China or with in your company it can become cost effective to have us work for you as your purchase office.


It means you have one contact for your complete China purchase activities


For our clients we can:

  1. Do inspections,
  2. Collect mail, documents, samples and send it to you in a consolidated package
  3. Relationship management, some call it Guangxi
  4. Order follow up, what is the status of your orders
  5. Arrange logistics
  6. Follow up on sourcing requests
  7. Factory visits prior to production

What we need to know to get started:

  1. What products?
  2. How do you arrange your logistics?
  3. Average, how many orders/containers per month?
  4. Average, how many items you source per month?
  5. Where in China, which cities, provinces?

Any question, tell us:





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