Quality Inspections China


TOF Product Quality Inspections China assist your goal of growing your brand and your company, by minimizing unsound merchandise, customer complaints, poorly made products and delayed shipments.

It is obligatory to verify that the products meet industry, government regulations or your own specific requirements. To protect your brand, reputation and customers we can set up different kind of inspections on the spot.

– Before production. We check raw materials and components before production starts. When needed, we can provide the factory with the technical advice necessary to improve product quality and to minimize the risk of faults during production.

– During production. We check while the process is running to detect flaws in the earliest stage and adjust where necessary to reach the preferred results. Here we also check if requirements made in the before production inspections are met.

– Final Quality Inspection. Here we check and sample products to verify product safety, quantity, function, color, size, packing, and other specifics. We arrange to ship when your product is consistent and compliant with all country, industry, or otherwise-specified requirements and that no critical major or minor defects appear.

Need help with your quality control?
1- Get in contact here and
2- let us know how we can help, what kind of products? What kind of troubles are you facing now?
3- Let us, based on our experience, reply you ASAP how we can give you the best possible results in the fastest way possible.

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