Our Value

In short, we help other people/companies make their products in China. Most of the projects-to-products we do are in need of special care. Sometimes it is needed to combine the forces of 2 or more factories to come to the desired result. That is what we do. When the simple things become complicated for manufacturing, TOF AND COMPANY helps out in China.

Reliable Experience in China

Some business cases:

1-The entrepreneur who’s a sales master. He came to China 4-6 times every year, took even a course of Mandarin only to find himself too occupied with producing instead of what he liked most of being an entrepreneur: selling. The economics pointed him out that his travel expenses combines with time lost for not selling cost more than turning to a recognized third party to do his China business. Simplify

2-The designer who  wants to know if his design of a lamp can be made in China. Developing the Lamp from the design on paper, into a detailed step by step project where as the end result is the Lamp as designed, into real life material including bulb and hanging on the ceiling.

3-The Company selling furniture that wanted 3 different styles combined in one design chair and keep the design secret for the Chinese suppliers. Which drove us to semi manufacture it in 2 places and have it assembled in the third place. Nobody in  the first 2 places knew what they were manufacturing and the people of the assembly location did not know where the pieces they put together were coming from.

4-The developer who needed to fill a hotel with furniture, bathrooms, sleeping rooms, kitchen facilities, paintings and all that you will find to make your stay in that hotel more pleasurable. It was too much hassle to contact over 150 suppliers for him.
So he had his assistant contact only one: TOF AND COMPANY.No Hustle

5-The Kickstarter, who wanted her idea quoted in terms of ‘What will be my cost price made in China and landed in my warehouse?’
We made an all in quotation which specified all the costs and we included different options in material. At this time of writing she is waiting to get enough funding and TOF AND COMPANY will start the first production.

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